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Heard the phrase "Work smarter, not harder?" 

Aloha! I'm Felicia Miller Johnson and I encourage people to Live SMART.

I conduct LinkedIn Live work-life video interviews with career professionals

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As an Intuitive, I have a skill of tapping into energy fields and accessing wisdom and experiences from my esteemed guests.  


Those unique LinkedIn Live video interviews with career professionals become Awe Intuitive Conversation, which encourage people to Live SMART and ascend to new levels of work-life success.

What does it mean to Live SMART?

✨ See Yourself & Awaken: Gain a deep understanding of who you are and embrace your higher self.

✨ Master Your Emotions: Take control of your emotions and use them as powerful tools for personal and professional growth.

✨ Ask, Know, & Receive: Learn to ask the right questions, seek knowledge, and be open to receiving abundance in all aspects of life.

✨ Relax, Relate, & Release: Find the balance between work and relaxation, build meaningful relationships, and let go of what no longer serves you.

✨ Talk Wisely & Ascend: Choose your words carefully and use them to uplift yourself and others as you ascend to new levels of success.

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How to be a guest on Awe Intuitive Conversation

❶ Send me a direct message via LinkedIn indicating you would like to be a guest.


❷ I will respond to you with specific booking information.

Interested in a private
Live SMART Energy Session?

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